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This account, MonArc-Productions:, is where all original art created by me will be uploaded while this account, Kaptain-Kitty shall be where all fan-related production is submitted. :D

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Kaptain-Kitty19's Profile Picture
Talia ♀ 🎓 🎬 💻 🎨
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
New Zealand
Female | 22 | New Zealand European | Student


Treasure Planet ♥ Frozen ♥ Wreck-It Ralph ♥ Rise of the Guardians ♥ X-Men ♥ James Cameron’s Avatar ♥ Kung Fu Panda ♥ Wicked ♥ Once Upon a Time ♥ Xena: Warrior Princess ♥ Maleficent ♥ ThunderCats ♥ Guardians of the Galaxy ♥ Harry Potter ♥ Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus ♥ The Kane Chronicles

Favourite Characters
Captain Amelia ♥ Sergeant Tamora Calhoun ♥ Queen Elsa (Frozen and OUaT) ♥ Maleficent ♥ Mirage (Aladdin) ♥ Raven Darkholm “Mystique” ♥ Neytiri ♥ Jane Porter ♥ Toothiana “Tooth” ♥ Dean Hardscrabble ♥ Elphaba Thropp ♥Helga Sinclair ♥ Regina Mills “Evil Queen” ♥ Master Shifu ♥Colonel Roy Mustang ♥ The Procyon Ambassador ♥ Cheetara ♥ Rocket Raccoon ♥ Professor Snape

General Interests
Animation ♥ Film Production ♥ Digital Sculpting ♥ Character Design ♥ Writing ♥ Gaming ♥ Fan Production ♥ Anthropomorphism ♥ Steampunk ♥ Fantasy ♥
Science Fiction ♥ Subtext ♥ Subliminal Messages ♥ Classical History ♥ Maritime History

Fulltime BFAHons (Film Production) and BA (Media & Communication and Cinema Studies) student
Character Modelling student at AnimSchool

Tools of the Trade
Mac OS ♥ Windows 7 ♥ Wacom Bamboo Tablet ♥ Apple iPad ♥ Canon Digital SLR 700D ♥ GoPro ♥ Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended ♥ Autodesk Maya ♥ Autodesk Mudbox ♥ Sketchbook Pro ♥ Final Cut Pro X ♥ Adobe After Effects CS6 ♥ Adobe Flash CS6 ♥ Pencil and Acid-Free Paper ♥ Copic Markers ♥ Tombow ABT Markers ♥ Coloured Pencils ♥ Chalk Pastels ♥ Non-Photo Blue Pencil ♥ Nylon-Tip Pens

General Info
My name is Talia, but 'round here I am better known as Kaptain-Kitty.

I am eclectic, therefore I have a broad range of interests - particularly with regard to the visual arts. While I am solely focused on animation and filmmaking, I practise many forms of traditional and digital art making processes from drawing and traditional rendering, to digital painting and sculpture. I also dapple a little in narrative literature.

I have a passion for media research and audience response and participation with media. I also enjoy learning about history, have a fervour for the realms of fantasy and science fiction, and I listen to music (generally film and game score) more often than I perhaps should.

I am a university student currently studying fulltime towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) degree majoring in Film Production, and a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Cinema Studies, and minoring in Media and Communication. Outside university I am studying towards a certificate in 3D Character Modelling at AnimSchool. I hope to someday work professionally as a character designer or animator in film for major production industries like Weta Digital.

Hello, lovelies! :wave: Long time, no? :lol:
First of all a big Happy Easter, everyone!  Egg Bullet (SkyBlue) - F2U! Egg Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! bunny Egg Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Egg Bullet (Green) - F2U! I hope you all have had/are having a great extended weekend and are getting lots of treats! :D I myself only got one chocolate egg, but it came in a very cute Frozen mug that has Elsa and Anna on it so I'm more than happy! Tropical Love :la:  And it being from the family made it extra special. :aww:

But do you know what is even better than Frozen-themed chocolate goodies? Three weeks of almost completely free time! :omgomg: For the first time in I dread to think how long I get to have actual holiday leave from both university and work! :w00t: Turns out that over my past two years of employment I had somehow managed to accumulate nearly 200 hours of paid leave, and my manager decided that it was high time that I spent some of it even though I'm not ill and don't have any real need for time off. Of course it was easier for them to cover my shifts during the university break while other students were more willing to earn a few extra hours for themselves. :giggle: So now I have both off! :la: Spin The only thing that I have to do over this time is Intro to Rigging class with AnimSchool for a few hours every week, but that class is so much fun that it hardly feels like work (even if rigging for animation does involve using some loathsome maths). :XD: I am hoping to get into drawing again in the next few days since it has been a while since I've posted anything done purely for fun here. For now though I'm going to stick to journal fun with a meme. :lol:  

Found this little set of Disney-related questions floating about on Tumblr and decided I would drag it over here and complete it because I have been so focused on animation/Disney a lot lately (as you can probably tell) and it looked like fun. :giggle: 


1. All time favorite Disney movie:
Definitely Treasure Planet. :love:

2. Top 5 Disney movies: Treasure Planet, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Tarzan.  

3: Favorite Princess: It’s a tie between Elsa of Arendelle and Kida Nedakh. Yes, I know they’re both queens and Kida never made it into the ‘official’ Disney Princess Lineup, but Elsa is a ‘Disney Princess’ and Kida should be as well.   

4: Favorite Prince: Eugene Fitzherbert

5: Favorite couple: I have a navy’s worth of fanon Disney ships, but for this I’ll stick to canon. :meow: Fix-It Felix x Sergeant Tamora Calhoun, Doctor Delbert Doppler x Captain Amelia, and Milo Thatch x Kida. Also I am a fan of Jim Hawkins x Kate Blake even if Jim’s canon girlfriend is essentially non-existent. :P

6: Favorite villain: Maleficent, The Evil Queen, and Scar. :mwahaha:

7: Favorite heroine: Captain Amelia. Calhoun is a very close second.

8: Favorite hero: Jim Hawkins, I suppose. :shrug:

9: Favorite sidekick: Timon, Morph, and Mushu. :aww: 

The Parks

Okay, I’m going to have to skip most of this section since I have never been to a Disney park due to being both geographically and financially challenged. :P

10: Disneyland or Disneyworld: Disneyland (That’s the bigger one, right?)

11: Favorite ride:

12: Favorite park within the resort:

13: Favorite land inside a resort:

14: Favorite Disney snack:

15: Favorite Disney restaurant:

16: Favorite Attraction/Show:

17: Favorite secret/underrated spot in the parks:

18: What three locations would you want to stay at overnight in the parks:

19: Favorite character to interact with:

20: Which character’s handwriting do you wish to have:

21: Your favorite memory with a face character:

22: A character that you are/have been scared of approaching:

23: A character that the parks should permanently have:

24: Favorite Disney Hotel:

25: Describe a typical day at Disney for you:

26: Planning to do the Disney College Program? If you’ve already done it, what was your position? If you haven’t, what would you like to do?: I was going to do The Disney Difference international program back in 2013 for the July intake, but because of reasons (mostly concerning money and family) I wasn’t able to do it at that time. :cry: I may still do it within the next two years if I decide to, in which case I’ll probably sign up for work in hospitality or sales.  

This or That

27: Snow White or Cinderella? Snow White

28: Ariel or Belle? Belle. OUaT!Ariel is pretty cool though.

29: Pocahontas or Mulan? Mulan

30: Aurora or Rapunzel? Aurora if the Maleficent and OUaT versions count; otherwise Rapunzel.

31: Tiana or Jasmine? Tiana

32: Meg or Kida? You dare ask me to choose between my favourite princess and a badass Duncan girl?! I’m picking both! :XD:

33: Stitch or Pooh? Stitch

34: Eugene Fitzherbert or Prince Eric? Eugene by far.

35: Prince Charming or Prince Ferdinand? Prince Ferdinand. Wait a second . . . in classical Disney Ferdinand married Snow White and Charming married Cinderella, but in OUaT David (Charming) is married to Mary-Margaret (Snow) . . . :o  I’m confused. :confused: 

36: Li Shang or John Smith? Li Shang

37: Prince Philip or Prince Adam/the Beast? Prince Adam

38: Prince Naveen or Aladdin? Aladdin

39: Hercules or Milo? Milo


40: How long has your favorite Disney princess been your favorite?: Kida has been for a few years now. Elsa . . . Well, since Frozen was released. :giggle:

41: Have you ever meet your favorite princess in the parks?: No

42: Do you have a Disney princess hierarchy? If so, list them from most favorite to least favorite. Otherwise, just give your top 3 favorite princesses:

Okay, I’m going to rank the ‘official Disney princesses’ in order of my preference. :XD:
1.   Elsa
2.   Merida
3.   Anna
4.   Mulan
5.   Tiana
6.   Rapunzel
7.   Belle
8.   Jasmine
9.   Ariel
10.   Pocahontas
11.   Aurora
12.   Snow White
13.   Cinderella

43: Which princess’ story is the most similar to your life? Tiana’s. Granted I have never been turned into a frog, but Tiana spent the majority of her life working hard towards her career goal. That’s my life.  

44: Which princess’ personality is most similar to yours? Elsa’s. Quiet, affectionate, and spent most of her childhood alone is ready to put the safety of those she loves before her own happiness. :giggle: Oh, and she really likes hugs. 042 - Free hug  


45: All time favorite song: 
‘Go the Distance’ - Michael Bolton, Hercules OST . . .
‘I’m Still Here’ - Johnny Rzeznik, Treasure Planet OST

46: Favorite love song: 
‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ - The Lion King OST
‘Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song)’ - Bambi OST 

47: Favorite villain song: 
‘Hellfire’ - The Hunchback of Notre Dame OST
‘Be Prepared’ - The Lion King OST 
‘My Lullaby’ - The Lion King 2 OST

48: Favorite wardrobe: I like the dresses in Frozen.

49: Outfit you wish you had: Calhoun’s. 

50: What character(s) have you Disneybounded as/want to Disneybound as: ‘Disneyboud’? Is that like cosplay? :? Now I feel like an uncultured dolt. =P

51: Your Disney look-a-like: Belle apparently. I have slightly lighter hair though. ^^;

52: What Disney character would you like to be paired with?: Captain Amelia! So Seductive :flirty:   

53: Whose voice do you wish you had (singing and speaking)?: Elsa’s or Calhoun’s. I like both Menzel’s and Lynch’s voices and their more casual form of singing.  

54: What Disney movie cheers you up: Treasure Planet, of course. :lol:

55: What Disney movie make you sad: The Fox and the Hound. I cry every frickin’ time during the scene of setting Todd free. :tears:

56: What’s the most underrated Disney movie: Treasure PlanetAtlantis is as well but at least that one made it to some sequel series (as shoddy as they were in my opinion)! The Hunchback of Notre Dame deserves more love than it gets also, but again, it at least got a sequel.

57: What the most overrated Disney movie: Probably The Little Mermaid. And possibly Cinderella. Yes, I know Frozen has reasons for having been dubbed 'the most overrated Disney film', but the ever-expanding franchise isn't bothering me.   

58: Favorite Pixar movie: Monster’s University and Brave.

59: Favorite quote: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walter E. Disney

60: Favorite non-animated Disney movie: MaleficentAlice in Wonderland and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  

61: Best soundtrack: Pirates of the Caribbean and most soundtracks by James Newton Howard. 

62: Last Disney movie you watched: Frozen Fever. It was a short but it was the last Disney anything I actually watched. :shrug:

63: Two characters that would be great friends: Milo and Doppler. Seriously, I would love to follow those two on some grand adventure and watch them nerd it out together. :nerd: rvmp Then I'll bring Professor Archimedes Porter along just for giggles.Laugh 

64: Two characters that would be enemies: Judge Claude Frollo and Doctor Facilier. I'm not an expert in either christianity or voodooism, but I can imagine it would be entertaining to see how they don't get along. popcorn revamp contest entry 

65: Two characters that should be paired up, but aren’t: Captain Amelia x Jane Porter. Honestly, Ken Duncan, I will pay you to make this happen. :XD:

Well, that's all for now, folks! :aww: Stay happy and well! Don't eat too many chocolates and lollies over this holiday weekend. :giggle:

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Various BrunuhVille tracks
  • Watching: Orange is the New Black

Because I'm bored - take your pick: Original animated Elsa and Anna (Frozen), or new live-action Elsa and Anna (OUaT)? 

12 deviants said Animated Elsa and Anna FTW! :w00t:
5 deviants said Both! :love:
3 deviants said Neither! :stare:
1 deviant said Whatcha talkin' 'bout? :paranoid:
No deviants said Live-action Elsa and Anna FTW! :w00t:
No deviants said Animated Elsa, live action Anna! :aww:
No deviants said Live action Elsa, animated Anna! :aww:


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